Naturalist Gail Hill leads Wildlife Walkabout at selected sites on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and the adjoining hinterland and various sites in South- East Queensland for individuals, couples or small groups. As well as identifying species Gail offers participants the opportunity to learn more about the behaviour of animals.

She helps to answer the how, what and why questions of natural history. During the walks we watch the animals, listen to their calls and note body movements as they interact in their natural environment. Using all the contextual clues available we examine topics such as how an animal’s form affects its foraging and prey capture strategies, or what behaviours are used to evade predators. Gail’s in-depth knowledge of animal behaviour (especially birds) helps as she encourages you to describe your findings. The ensuing discussion provokes many questions and revealing insights.

When the activity of deducing plausible explanations for animal behaviour is a collaborative effort, the knowledge gained is owned by each and every one of the participants.

Novice and seasoned natural historians, and indeed anyone curious about the animal world enjoy this activity as it sharpens their observational skills and frequently opens the door to studying animals in greater depth.
Walkers receive a three-leaf brochure that outlines some behavioural characteristics and includes photographs of two species that occur at the site. The brochure details various topics that may be discussed during the walk. Additionally Gail provides a checklist to record the bird species encountered.

Group size is dependent on the walk site; usually the maximum number is 10 people.

Morning or afternoon walks (between 2.5 and 4 hours) can be arranged, as well as half day, full day or longer walks to fit your schedule

Costs: $30/couple/hour; discounts may apply for group bookings.

For further details please phone or e-mail Gail via the contact page.

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I just spent a fascinating 2 hours ‘birding’ with Gail Hill. Apart from identifying many species and their calls, Gail shared her knowledge of mating rituals, nesting, foraging and anti-predator habits. As we were birding Gail spotted a platypus which we watched for sometime and also a snake swimming across the creek, activities that I would have missed. All in all it was a great natural high.
From Wendy of Brisbane
Recently we were fortunate to join a small group led by Gail Hill, ornithologist, to observe the birdlife surrounding the beautiful Kenilworth Bluff Winery. Gail encouraged input from our group as we paused to study, in depth, the habits and characteristics of each species we encountered during our two hour ramble. Gail’s enthusiasm and passion has left us determined to make full use of our eyes and ears to learn much more about this fascinating subject previously so much taken for granted. A candlelit dinner at the winery rounded off a most rewarding experience.
R& N Macfarlane, Nth Canterbury NZ
There is much to learn about the species pictured. Below are some sample questions that Bimbimbie Ornithological Services will help you to answer as you let your curiosity and imagination take flight.
Why do birds join flocks?
What is this bird's sex? Is bower building hardwired or is it learned behaviour?

What is the special habit of this harmless snake?

How do the hairs of this caterpillar aid it?
  I recently attended a “Bird Watching Afternoon” conducted by Gail Hill at Kenilworth Bluff Winery and what a very enjoyable experience it turned out to be! As a long term resident of Kenilworth and interested in our native flora, fauna and birdlife, I have come to know some of the species. I really appreciated the approach she took in showing us how to observe closely the actions of the birds that we spotted. I learned quite a lot about the birds that we watched and I think her way of imparting knowledge is a better approach than just identifying the birds in the confines of the Winery. Thank you for a great afternoon! I am very happy to recommend her bird watching sessions to anyone with an interest in our native wildlife.
Yours sincerely, Shirley Moreland
'Gail's love and fascination for the birds we encountered was infectious and encouraged us to a deeper awareness and appreciation of life in the forest. Regardless of whether you are an urbanite or country dweller her knowledge and insights are sure to help you to develop respect for birds in their many and varied forms and also to respect their habitats'.  
Rosemary Spencer, Melbourne
'Thank you for the great day we spent observing birds with you and for being shown an entirely different and far more questioning way of looking at bird behaviour. We have put your checklist in our bird watching kit so that we can remind ourselves of the different behaviours we can look out for during future birding excursions. The rainforest especially is a magical place. We have a beautiful photograph of the female Paradise Riflebird.Thanks again for your guidance and teaching.  
Greg and Alana Dare, Adelaide
Thanks for a very enjoyable few hours birding, my tally showed 25 different birds but, more importantly, I learnt a great deal about their characteristics and behaviour. Thanks especially for catering to my preference and organising the kayak so we could get out on the water for our observations. Your local knowledge was very impressive'. 
Elizabeth Rich, Sydney


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