Bird watching not only satisfies the observer it can also mean added value to your business.

Bring your guests back again and again by introducing them to the wonders of bird life.

When Bimbimbie Ornithological Services surveys your property you are assured of a comprehensive list of the bird life on your property, but that is just the starting point. Our bird behaviour notes that accompany the master list (see below) open the door for further study and the hosting of workshops and talks.


The samples shown on this page are the covers of the publications
created by Bimbimbie Ornithological Services.
1. A bird list in three-leaf brochure format, in colour, that features photographs of the site and at least two birds that are found year round on your property. Birds that occur on the property are listed as well as those that may occur during seasonal change. An introduction to the list provides information peculiar to your property, along with general birding notes.
2. A self-guided walker’s checklist. This black and white publication lists the birds seen during the survey, along with others that may occur during different seasons. Check boxes allow walkers to record the birds seen during their bird walk. The cover is embellished with an appropriate bird photograph.
3. A bird walk booklet in colour. When regular bird walks guided by Gail are negotiated with the property owner, each walk participant receives a booklet that outlines the objectives of the walk. It also contains snapshot behavioural notes on two species and descriptive notes on functional behaviours and related characteristics of birds. The notes are referred to during the walk. Photographs of birds found at that location feature on the cover and back page.
4. A master booklet, usually of about 20 pages in colour, containing the same list as the brochure, along with scientific names of all of the birds and the families to which they belong. In addition information on the species status and rate of occurrence is also noted. Other features of the booklet are introductory bird watching notes and notes on the behavioural characteristics of ten species. All material is researched from respected research journals and supplemented with personal observations. Photographs and line drawings enhance the text.
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Gail is so self motivated and has such a pleasant personality that working with her is easy. Her work is her life and she is more than happy to spend time helping you to learn as much as you want to. Her knowledge extends way beyond just birds as her studies have taught her about the total environment. We are very happy with the work done for Neurum Creek Bush Retreat and would not hesitate to recommend Gail to anyone interested in having a bird list compiled.
Dave Gruar
Neurum Creek Bush Retreat
Neurum via Woodford Queensland
Dear Gail,
Thank you so much for all your hard work. Our guests are very impressed by your booklets and we will be encouraging everyone to take a checklist with them on their walks. You are welcome to conduct walks through our forest.
Thank you again.
Anne Cork
For Wittacork Dairy Cottages
Maleny, Queensland
Gail Hill enjoys all aspects of birding and prefers working in the out-of-doors. Over the past eight years she has helped produce Interpretive Birding — an international science magazine for birders. During this period her knowledge of birds, particularly Australian species has grown phenomenally. This is why I have asked her to be an associate editor and contributor to the magazine. She puts her heart and mind into her work and, most importantly, finishes jobs on schedule. I recommend her services to anyone interested in receiving quality and timely results.
Dr Wm. James Davis, editor/publisher
Interpretive Birding
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