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Wildlife Walkabout is a distinctive enterprise dedicated to conveying, to the public at large, information about the ecology of animals and their behaviour.

It is my desire that everyone who learns to appreciate the complexity of wild living animals will be motivated to help conserve our natural environment and accept that we are of nature. Those which we love and respect become family!

Read philosophy to gain more understanding of the principles that frame my objectives.


I offer a number of services that help to achieve this objective:

  • wildlife walks on your property or farther afield — an opportunity to discover the web of life;
  • a survey of animal life on your property. For property owners — for example private residences, B&Bs and wineries I carry out surveys to detect the animals living on your property. The findings are presented as a single page inventory or in-depth master booklet. If your property is part of your business this service can be valuable in stimulating more interest in it. Also a comprehensive fauna list can be an asset when you seek to sell your property;
  • production of checklists to guide birders and of booklets for walkers;
  • animal behaviour notes researched from respected journals and designed to be used as value-added information for inclusion in environmental brochures, school projects etc.;
  • editing services These are available for students, teachers, lecturers etc. We specialise in text such as assignments, lecture notes or articles for publication that focus on biological data. Score extra marks with work that is scrupulously fine tuned. For free quotes phone or email via the contact page.


Foraging behaviour varies with the habitat


Plumage plays a major part in the ecology of birds

Note this adaptive behaviour

Habitat destruction is threatening this endangered species

These forest recyclers provide nourishment for many species
Why do birds bob their heads while perched?
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