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  About Gail

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Gail Hill is a naturalist, which means that she studies animals in their wild state. As an associate editor and photographer, Gail has been a member of the team that produced Interpretive Birding—an international science magazine for birders. Over the past eight years she has had a number of articles and photographs accepted for publication in this magazine. Currently Gail is involved in editing the website Terra Naturalist (formerly Interpretive Birding) and supplying photographs for some forthcoming books about bird behaviour.

Gail has been observing animals for many years with an interpretive perspective at sites throughout Australia, Europe,North America, New Zealand and some South Pacific islands.

She has participated in scientific surveys, e.g. of the endangered Rufous Scrub-bird and the Ground Parrot and in an extended faunal audit at Sturt National Park in New South Wales, Australia. She has also participated in live trapping sessions at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve via Maleny, Queensland and frog audits in the nearby Mary River Valley. She has studied avian biology at Charles Sturt University at Albury, in New South Wales.

In 2003 she purchased a digital SLR camera and has added photography to her interests. She seeks to capture the behaviour of the birds that she writes about.

Gail is a member of Queensland Ornithological Society Inc., Bird Observers Club of Australia, Faunawatch,  Servas and Help Exchange . She also hosts domestic and international visitors for Birding Pal, an international contact club for bird enthusiasts.

Gail's fascination with bird behaviour is contagious, and there is no cure for the condition. Spend an hour in the bush with her and you'll be hooked on birds. Don't say I didn't warn you, but go with her anyway. You'll find it a delightful experience.
Jill Dening, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 26º51'S 152º56'E
Gail Hill knows the birds of Queensland by sight and sound. Her patience and diligence helps locate their nests. Gail's enthusiasm and friendly demeanor make birding with her a memorable experience.
Richard Norton, Los Angeles, CA.

The concepts presented by Bimbimbie Ornithological Services have been inspired by Dr. Wm. James Davis principal editor of Interpretive Birding — a science magazine for birders. Thanks Jim for your friendship, patient tutelage and guidance.

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